Get to Know the Artist

As a graduate of the the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, I approach the world with an open mind and an endless desire to deepen my knowledge of a vast array of art forms. Although photography, graphic design, and marketing are key elements that comprise my emphasis, Innovative Advertising, they are not the only forms of art I plan to pursue. When I am not busy working on a project, I am constantly improving my skills by further developing my understanding of other forms of art including web design, cinematography, screenwriting, vocal performance, creative writing, and furthering my knowledge of computer softwares to expand my knowledge of coding.

My pursuit of the arts as a viable career option stems from a successful semester at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. There my interest in graphic design and marketing proved particularly adept when I designed, produced, and set sales records for merchandise the program sold. There I also worked with a Turkish CEO to publish articles and improve the company's social media campaigns.

Since then I have crafted my individualized degree in Innovative Advertising while working on ten different projects in my senior year, including branding and building the website for the University of Redlands' radio station.

I now live in L.A., and through hard work and determination I've discovered that creating art and collaborating with others is my passion in life.